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June 19, 2011
Italy’s premier progressive metal band is back with its new studio album, "Assurdo" – their first release on
Lizard Records. This is the third and closing chapter of an ideal trilogy, started with "Forget the Colours" and continued with "Towards the Silence", and a huge revolution in the band's sound.
Track list:

1. Iperbole
2. Butterfly Song
3. Trasfiguratofunky
4. Negative
5. Just Cannot Forget
6. Flash 
7. Clamores Horrendos ad Sidera Tollit
8. Vacuum Fluctuation
9. Re-Awakening
10. Isterectomia

Approx. running time: 68 min


Alessandro Seravalle - vocals; keyboards; guitars
Raffaello Indri - lead guitars
William Toson - basses
Ivan Moni Bidin - drums
Gianpietro Seravalle - percussion

The album features many special guests:

Alessandro Bertoni – keyboards 
Cristian Rigano – keyboards 
Giorgio Pacorig – keyboards 
Davide Casali – bass clarinet
Mariano Bulligan – cello 
Simone D’Eusanio – violin 
Massimo De Mattia – flute 
Flavia Quass – voice 
Pietro Sponton - percussion
Andrea Fontana – percussion 
Jacques Centonze – percussion 
Carlo Franceschinis – double bass

October 5, 2008
The new Garden Wall album, "Aliena(c)tion", has been released by Mellow Records.

March 10, 2005
The new (sixth) Garden Wall album, "Towards the Silence", has been released by Mellow Records.

June 1, 2002
At long last, the new Garden Wall album "Forget the Colours" is released (by "Mellow Records"). For more details, click on "Discography".

January 3, 2002
We've almost finished mixing our new album "Forget the Colours". All we need to have it completed fully are adding there some of the keyboard parts that have been played by one of the three guests musicians (his name is Christian "Noochie" Rigano) and the mastering of the CD itself. There's a lot of contrasting music on it: from the extreme Prog-metal parts to classic Progressive with a few of the romantic episodes. There also are latin rhythms (like mambo or samba, of course, they're re-invented within the frame of Garden-Wall's original stylistics), balcan motives, and even the grooving jazz-rock arrangements in places with atonal rhythms and complex time signatures. Alessandro Seravalle's vocals are also something especial on this album, but you have to hear it to get a clear idea about them. The release of the "Forget of Colours" CD is scheduled for May 2002 ("Mellow Records").

Line-up 2011:

Alessandro Seravalle

Gianpietro Seravalle

Raffaello Indri

Ivan Moni Bidin

William Toson

July 15, 2001

As some of you may know, our own Prog-label "Music Is Intelligence" (led by a great guy Peter Wustmann in Germany) went bankrupt in fall 1999 just before releasing our fifth album "Forget the Colours". On advice of Vitaly Menshikov, first we sent our mini-CD to Musea, though we felt already in advance that Musea will most likely refuse to release "Forget the Colours" since this was our most heavy and most complex album to date. It's turned out that we were right in our apprehension about Musea's refusal to release it, though we still are in friendly touch with the Musea president Bernard Gueffier. Back to the band's new "Forget the Colours" album, our second attempt to release it, now on Russian "Boheme Music", was also futile. Finally, Vitaly gave us a bit of advice to try our native label "Mellow". Surprisingly, it has appeared that Garden Wall is one of the label owner Mauro Moroni's favourite bands, so we have signed on "Mellow". But here there's another problem concerning the immediate release of "Forget the Colours" and it's on our own part. The point is that during our long voyages in search for a label we've found that some arrangements on a few songs of the "Forget the Colours" album, we could make them in a different, a better way. So we decided to re-play and re-record a few episodes on the album immediately. Unfortunately, the "Mellow" studio is going to be occupied by the label's another band until early September. We need, though, just a few studio sessions to correct those few episodes that I mentioned above. So we believe "Mellow" will be able to release our new album before Christmas 2001. To have this long distance runner-album on CD, at long last, it will be the best Christmas gift for anyone of us. We also hope "Forget the Colours" will be liked by the largest categories of Prog-lovers - by connoisseurs of Classic Progressive and by prog-metal heads as well. Unfortunately, one of the Garden Wall's original members, free keyboardist Mauro Olivo, left us soon after the latest GW album ("Chimica", 1997) was released. Another long-time GW musician, bassist Marco Ferrero, left us just a few months ago owing to his health state.

Line-up 2002:

Alessandro Seravalle
guitars, vocals, keyboards

Camillo Colleluori

Pino McKenna

Raffaello Indri

Special guests:

Alessandro Stornello
electric guitar

Simone D'Eusanio
classical and electric violin

July 1, 2000

Since the "Chimica" (1997) album was released and some line-up problems were successfully solved during 1998 year (see Line-up 2000) the band is stable now. The bandleader guitarist & vocalist Alessandro Seravalle already composed several varied pieces for a new Garden Wall album. This year the band also worked on their first video, named "The Story of Garden Wall". Hopefully, it will be available in October or so.

Line-up 2000:

Alessandro Seravalle
lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars; vocals; keyboards

Marco Ferrero
bass guitars

Alex Stornello
lead guitars

Camillo Calleluori
drums & percussion

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