3 December 2013 - The new Azazello CD "MegaDream" was released by Melodic Recolution Records.

14 October 2011 - The new Azazello CD "Transformation" was released by MALS Records.

31 October 2004 - The new Azazello CD "Seventh Sky" was released by Starless Records.

1 March 2004 - The 'international' version of "The Wings", which, apart from the 35-minute title track, features 2 new compositions, has been released by Mellow Records.

21 December 2003 - The album will be released worldwide (except Russia/CIS) by Mellow Records in February 2004.

22 December 2002 - Azazello's third studio album "The Wings" was released by Starless Records for distribution in Russia/CIS/Baltic countries (with a help of InRock music magazine and Coronach Records). More information (in russian) on Starless records website and Coronach records website.

The album will be released worldwide (except Russia/CIS) by Mellow Records in October.

The band was once again invited to play on russia-wide progressive music festival IN PROG 2003, to take place 15 and 22 february in Moscow ("Relax" club), and 16 february in St-Petersburgh. Azazello will play on all 3 dates. Read more also on Starless Records website (in Russian).

2002 - No News Reported

1 June 2001 - The contract with norwegians is signed. Azazello will participate in Russian Rock Night (November, 16th) and in a concert in memory of Molotoff Cocktail band (November, 17th).

April, 2001 - Azazello received an invitation to take part in a concert in memory of Molotoff Cocktail band.

New album release date is changed to July, 2001 due to the loss of the CD, containing graphic files for a booklet and a cover on its way to France.


November, 20th, 2000 - Alexey, the second son of Azazello’s leader Alex Kulak is born!

November, 14th, 2000 - The contract to release “Upstairs” album on Musea Records (France) is signed. The release date is February, 2001.

Musea Records, the leading progressive label, came with a proposal of releasing the new Azazello album.

July, 2000 - Tragic death of Brian Hirsch, chief of american Moonchild Records. The Label is no more.

June, 3rd-4th, 2000 - Concerts in Tynda. June, 3rd - the presentation of a new program “Upstairs”, June 4th – a concert with local band Micera and Full Circle from Skovorodino. Special guest – Victor Mamontov, an editor of the “Front” zine.

April, 22nd, 2000 - The third Azazello’s appearance at the main Far East Festival of alternative & rock music in Khabarovsk. For more details go to

April, 15th, 2000 - Work finished on “Upstairs” album

March, 27th, 2000 - The official date of “Black Day” release on California’s Moonchild Records.

July, 5th, 1999 - Volos Records releases a solo album by Alexander Kulak, personnel consisting of all Azazello members plus Serg Buzhin (one of the previous band members). The material is created in a period of several years and only the lesser part of it included. Some tracks are written Alex in cooperation with Serg, some are composed and performed by Buzhin himself.


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