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The history of Azazello is going far back, but we are not going to recreate it all, as a lot of events and people from the past are not any longer of an importance. So, in 1992 Alexandr Kulak brought together a team, which was devoted to trash metal. In 1993 the group was called MORG (morgue). The group invited an experienced drummer Andrey Kupryakov, a guitar player Alexandr Kuleshov and a beginner bass-guitar Dmitriy Bakay. The team recorded 5 demos and made 2 video clips for the local TV. Periodical concerts shocked the local audience, which get used to the usual pop shows. Soon the "Death" became boring for everybody and this dark music appeared to bring down the listener's emotions. It was even decided to decode the name of the group, so it wouldn't sound so deathly - the abbreviation from Russian sound MORG now could be translated into English as My Lonely Happy Voice. To the year 1994 Alexandr Kulak accumulated a lot of material which wasn't exactly within style of the MORG and the group decided to run an additional project.
For long time there was no idea for a new name until the group remembered the favourite Bulgakov's novel "Master & Margarita" and one of it's heroes Azazello who personifies a justified retribution. The name Azazello was more than appropriate. Later they have found from a dictionary of Madam Blavatskaya, that Azazel was an ancient Hebrew God of Victory. The birthday of the group officially considered to be on 15 January 1995, when the material, basis, name and the group were finally formed and also when Azazello made their first appearance on stage of a local festival.
They were: a drummer Vladimir Ostanin, the bass-guitar from MORG Dmitriy Bakay and the guitar Sergey Bujin, who had wrote a lot of songs for the first album. The recording of their first album was carried out in very primitive conditions, "alive" (only vocal and guitar were added), using two old tape-recorders called "Soyuz". The album "Too Late" was following a hard rock line with a taste of fashionable these days grange and, of course, a lot of ballads, which they have written a grate number, but didn't take all of them into the album. Now the MORG was totally neglected and, unfortunately, "died", despite that they were still writing a lot of material in this style. The drummer Andrey Kupryakov bought an absolutely crazy instrument Kord Trinity Pro and started creating even more crazy music, which cannot be described, but it definitely was interesting. Alexandr Kuleshov fulfilled a project "Regress", which had successfully regressed and few months later was forgotten. To this moment Azazello accumulated a lot of complicated and technical material, but they still could not make a qualitative (from the recording point of view) record of their music. In the end of 95, as a result of difference of opinions, Ostaning leaves the group. For the same reason and as a result of an usual thoughtless, Bujin following him. Kuleshov become a drummer and instead of a second guitar player was taken a session piano player Vytos Afanasiev.
Later, after he accumulated enough of experience, he become a full member of the group. The style already was formed and it was without any doubts - metal. During 1996 the group accepted a new member - Idris Faridonov - a crazy professional drummer, who came from a military band. Kuleshov again become a guitar player. There was enough material to record an album, but not the technical facilities to fulfill this dream. Meantime was decided to record accumulated beautiful acoustic songs written by Kulak and Bujin. The group gave a lot of concerts with a programm called "Unplugged". Now there was a chance to make a record.
They both four channel studio Yamaha and work started. In 1996 was recorded long time ago prepared an acoustic album "Veter v golove" (Thoughtless mind) and together with that were made experiments with new equipment. When they collect enough experience in recording and producing they begin real recording. In the same time the group was taking participation in different festivals and concerts in their own town and beyond. At the beginning of their recording Kuleshov suddenly decided to leave the group. For long time they were trying to find a replacement but in the end the decision was stay as they are - 4 members.
In the recording studio Kulak made all the guitar parts and on the concerts guitar's sound was even clearer and better. At the beginning of 1998 the work was finished and the result was an album "Cherniy den" (Black day). The album was recorded on CD at their own studio Volos Records. By the way, the previous records were made there as well, but in different format. The album has good reception - a lot of critics and some independent labels liked it. In April 1999 was signed a contract with a Californian company "Moonchild Records" for distribution of the album. In the end of 1998 the musicians began an experiment with Russian folklore and collaborated with a folklore group "Divo" (Wonder/Marvel). As result was recorded a composition Divo, which was very much liked by many people. The work in this direction is continuing and may be soon there will be an album. At the present time Azazello creating a new album, which is planned to be recorded during year 2000. New music has a jazz and a psycho elements, but the main core is still hard and together with that very melodious progressive metal.

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